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This site contains extensive material on healing the body from toxins - For your children, for yourself, and your pets and home. Please return to top of this page once you finish reading. 

Please remember a few things as you read through this Site.

The reason I call us who are poisoned with toxins, or mold toxins "divine", is simply because we have learned that synthetic items, chemicals, toxins in our everyday products, living spaces and produce, must be removed. Most are unaware what the FDA allows in our food is slowly killing us. We learn that what we thought was a safe product for our families, is actually filled with poisons that alter our DNA and our health. We thought we can trust the medical community to make us feel better, to only find that they persuade us to take chemicals and synthetic drugs that lower our immune system rather than saving it.  Toxins that are permitted to be placed within the crops and animals we eat, are slowly making us weaker. 

We learn through painful experience that in Medical School, students are not taught anything on how mold toxins effect the body and legally are not allowed to treat patients sick with Mycotoxicosis unless they get a completely different degree. Still after Sandy and other natural disasters, this all still has not changed. No General Doctors technically are permitted to treat you for Mold Sickness directly or the FDA can remove their license. However, if you leave out mold sickness from your report, you can get treatment for other ailments such as the common Candida Infection within the body. This is the main killer. It releases toxins slowly that cause atrophy, degradation of the entire body and organ failure.

There are Toxins in our vegetables, our fruits, our cereals, our cleaning products, our medications, our seeds and our meats. Pollinators are dying all over the world due to large corporations using toxic chemicals and genetically modified foods.  Either keep your own heirloom seed stock and raise livestock organically or eat their chemically altered products. 
From when I first wrote this blog to now, if anything, what I am talking about here has only become much worse. Some are slowly learning that real reform of our health care, pharmaceuticals, legislation, farming industry and food consumption in this country is necessary. Also Synthetic Drugs only deteriorate our bodies and create ailments only cured by healthy eating and living. Natural Remedies, herbs, foods and cures are better for the body, and things like Neem Seed Oil and fresh Yucca Blossom can possibly cure Cancer. Mass produced foods only contain toxins that will lower our immune system and give us serious health issues; some permanent and some fatal.

Do you think that steak you purchased from that chain food store on sale is really red straight from the cow? Certainly not. - It is dyed red to look like blood, (or orange with chicken and fowl meat, and Salmon.) smothered with preservatives to stay fresh longer in the market. These toxins end up lowering the immune system which causes terrible repercussions within the body. The chemicals that are spread throughout the meat itself, from the animal's lifetime of injections and tainted food, will now be passed on to you. Once this realization hits home, you will start to see that using fresh foods from good sources ( I.E like a reputable local butcher and fresh veggie market) and natural remedies, toiletries and cleaners are the complete way to go. Make meals from scratch and purchase your meal's ingredients for each day. Remember this on your track to better health.  Know where your food comes from. 

There are those who still buy chemicals to clean their house, use chemicals on their body, and ingest toxins from their food, day in and day out; they do not understand why reform is needed. They haven't yet experienced the painful every day life of a weak immune system where even the slightest amount of toxin can kill you. In time, they too will be where we are or were, but at what cost to their body? These are everyday people with families that allow this to continue and need guidance. It's almost a blessing when one become sick from mold. (As I am one of those.) They finally can see through the veil of modern toxins and our modern ways of living in a world run by corporations.

So here is a bit of education on the issues presently limiting our health and happy way of life. Cereal grains that are not good for human consumption, go right into the mouth of the animals which supply us with meat, eggs, and dairy. The "Anti-biotics" they give them (Which are all made from mold, toxins, mercury, fluorides and many more harmful things.) in those tight dirty quarters to prevent infection, also boosts the toxins inside them drastically. Also let alone, if you eat the meat of an animal that suffered, I feel spiritually you may be more part of the problem than the cause. If you look at it from this point of view it makes sense. This whole process not only makes for weaker animals, but makes for deadly meat and products. So after you just cooked up and ate steak and eggs and drank a glass of milk, you've ingested everything that went through that animal. Labels do lie, as what the FDA considers to be a healthy level, just slowly kills you over time. This is a startling thing to learn since we thought we could trust our foods to be healthy by the label. We all thought this before getting sick from any immune suppressing sickness.

EMF disturbances (Electromagnetic fields) and sickness derived from electronics is a real threat as the modern world rejoices over technology.  Smart phones may be a nifty gadget to entertain you but it also hurts your health by using them constantly at the same time. Cell towers, electric plants, nuclear plants, smart phones, and any device that needs an outlet all can really effect your health in very negative ways. Remember the way you feel at that creek, forest or beach? It's usually not the same feeling you get when inside your living room with ten devices plugged in and running. Usually people who have migraines are not aware that EMF can be a main cause of them. I will expand on this topic further throughout the site.

We need to educate these people in the dark and teach them how all of this is limiting the length of their lives as well as their children's lives. Speak out in public, have meetings with schools, and youth group centers. Educate people on these terrible red flags and remember that education is the best way to fight back. We need tighter legislation against sellers hiding housing infested with mold. We need better ways of processing meat and foods to eliminate the fear of toxins. We need big Pharm, the FDA, and the Corporations fueling it to stop this madness dead in its tracks before we cannot change the results. We need to stop being slaves to technology. When was the last time you really sat down with a good paperback book? It's the small things that are missing that throw the red flag up. When the country has a large government  the people loose all power. Technology is slowly making us less intelligent, and more dependent. Go back to nature and start growing and raising your own food. Remember having a conversation with someone without looking at your phone is important. 

Chain Supermarkets = Poor Quality, Toxins, and Chemicals

Large supermarkets and chain stores are breeding grounds for sickness. Now with this handy app you can scan your products and see if toxins are effecting the quality of your food. You can scan the bar code of any product with your phone or smart device, and prevent your family from eating tainted food or using harmful products. It's called "Buycott" Highly recommend it. Turn your smartphone into something helpful.

Click text for Buycott

I know how mold and toxins can kill you, and many others out there do as well. Over 500,000 people die from mycotoxic sickness each year, and numerous people never even knew they had even contracted such an illness. Imagine the real numbers. Others have a body candida infection and never learn this is the main reason they're health is slowly falling apart. We need to stop poisoning our bodies and start to heal them from the inside out. The natural way. 

We must live in a polluted world, but we don't have to live with a polluted body.

There will be times it seems that no one understands how you feel; how it hurts to know that most common doctors cannot help you, due to the lack of many exterior signs of sickness. This is a normal feeling when faced with such a life altering ailment such as toxic illness. Around the country, there are doctors that can help you. Remember that toxicologists and infectious disease doctors are your best option. Also homeopathic doctors as well. Some doctors will treat your candida infection without labeling it mold related. Insurance companies will cover such treatments without the mold title, which can also save your life. A body candida infection is hard to recognize without proper tests. If your tongue is white that's the easiest way to confirm the sickness.  One version of it is called "Thrush".  Remember that while you read on, throughout the site. In the chapters of this blog I will explain what candida is and how anyone needs to control that first for health.

There are many people out there who are willing to share their story on how they recovered, and how they're living full happy lives now. I am one of them. Technically no doctor saved my life. I saved my own by changing my diet and taking herbs to treat my failing immune system. There is always someone else suffering out there like you, that needs a shoulder to lean on. Never give up hope, because that is the main ingredient in full recovery.

Common illnesses misdiagnosed (as main causes) by doctors, which can be caused by Mold Toxins: 
(Click Links to investigate)

There are more, and it's a commonly misdiagnosed illness. These above are the possible illnesses and diseases you could develop because of Mycotoxins. When one is exposed to visible mold growth or non-visible growth in a poorly ventilated environment, it's only a matter of time with constant exposure that you will develop this illness to some degree. Mold can cause cancer in the body, drive good bacteria in our gut down, and raise bad bacteria levels drastically if left unmaintained. This is how we become immune suppressed. Our petri dish houses are designed for it. Once the body candida infection starts, which is our worst enemy, taming it back to our digestive system is the first and most important step.

It has been said that some people may carry "a gene" that actually makes a person susceptible to the mycotoxins from these fungi. In actuality, the truth is everything we breathe, eat, wear, and exist in is changing our DNA. There is no set gene for one to be sick from Mold Toxins; In certain "Old World View" doctor's studies, it's developed then passed down from a parent. You're born with such a gene. Complete ridiculousness. Now finally science has been able to prove this theory down for good. The study of Epigenetics. I will expand on this later in the site. Now what's really happening is our environment directly effects and changes our DNA with everything we do. Epigenetics shows us amazing things like how twins stop looking like each other after years of living in a different environment and how people chronically ill once relocated and given healthy foods can cure themselves of these so called "genetic illnesses". What is obvious is that this is an issue with the FDA, Drug Companies, Health Insurance Companies, and doctors becoming too powerful in this country. The more we are sick, the more money they make. Capitalism here certainly failed our health.

So also I address: Why are synthetic drugs really necessary when they only harm the body in the long run? Why use them when natural medicines not only cure you of your ailments, like Pa'darco Root, Chlorophyll, Oil of Oregano, Grape Fruit Seed Extract, Ginseng, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle, Burdock, Neem Seed Oil, Grape Seed Extract, Golden Seal and Gotu Kola? Herbal Treatments taken carefully can give you an even healthier body than before you even became sick. Agreed, some serious medical situations require synthetic drugs, but not at the present level the world consumes them. Since our systems are over-toxified even without the mycotoxins, certain herbs will actually flush the body of all negative toxins. It will become apparent to you, if you choose to alter your diet. The trick to doing it successfully is to slowly wean yourself off of all sugars, carbs, and processed foods to tame the immune system from utter meltdown. Just by taking healthy supplements in combination with a diet change while suffering from any sickness, your body will start to heal itself. Think of it like running a virus scan on your computer. Once it is finished "detoxifying" your system, your computer runs much faster. This will greatly improve your life, and leave you without the sluggish sicknesses or side effects that synthetic drugs create. Grow your own food and if you have land, start to keep livestock for meat, eggs and dairy. Become one again with living off the land.  

On this site, I'll help you get to a better place physically  mentally and emotionally. This blog will educate you why we all in America and the rest of the world should make a change against non-regulated laws on apartments, office buildings, schools, churches, or any public facility. This site will educate you on why herbal supplements, treatments, teas and tinctures can repair all the damage done by synthetic chemicals in our lives. I will also educate you on the different types of molds, their toxins, and how to identify them and clean them in a natural way without harmful chemicals. Please browse through the menu at the top of the page for each important subject that applies to one sick with mold toxins. I also have extensive information on new diets to starve out the mold and detoxing, juicers, types of HEPA air filters, trusted doctors, ways to clean mold without breaking your bank, good mold specialists, and legal advice.

My two sites presently on Facebook that can educate you and help you in your fight against our toxic world. 

• Divinely Toxic Educational Page • 

There are not many on our side, but us few are Strong. We stand together.


  1. Thank You! As to filters, I recommend the NQ. It's a hospital clean room filter used in the SARS epidemic. Get the one w/o UV lites, as my doctor says UV breaks up the mold spores so filters can't catch them. NQ is about $700...

  2. I just found your site and was very excited to see your recommendation for a doctor in Huntington. I live in NYC and of course you know that even in the biggest city in the world it is impossible to find a doctor that will believe us.
    I also wanted to tell you about the therapy I have been getting for a few years now and it has saved my life! I go to a Rebecca, a Jin Shin practitioner in Woodmere, NY and she has made me so much better. Look up Jin Shin on line-it's amazing.
    Thanks again for the doctor referral and let me know if you want Rebecca's phone number. Great blog!

  3. I most certainly would, and I thank you for your help. I will call and set up an appoinment and certainly since he is in such close proximity to my home. Thank you very much and I will add him on the list! If Needed you can send it in another comment. I screen then first before posting, for this very reason. xoxo


  4. Also, please check out the information from and Dr. Young's research about mold and mycotoxins. His research over 30 years has identified mold in blood.

  5. Thanks for this site, it explains so much! I was hoping for clarification on something, when you said:

    "No SUGAR: I.E. Negative Sugars: Oranges, Cane sugar, Bananas, Positive Sugars I.E. Apples, Pears, Raspberries, Limes, Lemons - All sugar must not be in diet to kill off all fungi."

    and then said apples can be juiced here:

    "Juicing is a wonderful way to reintroduce nutirents from Beets, Apples, Celery, Carrots "

    I was confused, is it ok to eat the 'positive sugars' like lemons and apples? And what about sweet roots like carrots and beets. My body has not wanted beets and carrots but an occasional fruit seems to work, and lemons I do use.

    I live in Los Angeles, any recommendations for Doctors or help here?

  6. I corrected the passage Lisa where you had concern. When one is weening themselves off of sugar and carbs, its a great idea to start juicing first, then as you ween yourself off, take out all sugars and carbs after a slow process of three months. After complete lack of sugars and carbs for about six to eight months you can slowly reintroduce fruit sugars first, but always be wary of carbs. Some never go back to grains and carbs ever, and I stay away from them mostly as well at this point.

  7. Also the doctor homepathic search is great for finding a clinic that can help in your area. Check out the link above on the doctor search. I will certainly look up some good clinics for you in the mean time.

  8. Hello Mold Lady
    This is old Billdaddy from facebook and I want to commend yuo on the job you have done putting together all of this information.I have been to a lot of mold sites and yours is the most comprehensive,, fact filled and reliable site that I have ever seen. From personal experience I have learned the ins and outs of mold and you have covered them all very well. I want you to know that I appreciate the work you have put into this site and I will help yuo in any way that I can to spread the word about it. I thank You from the bottom of me heart for this and for helping us in this great cause of toxic mold awareness. You are truly a blessing for the cause and I appreciate yuor frindship more than you will ever know.. Thank You

    Sincerely,, Billdaddy

  9. I'm really confused. Please explain why peanuts are being used in the recipes above. I've always heard that peanuts and corn carry aflatoxin and here's a link to Dr Weil's website saying the same thing.

    A google search shows the link between peanuts, and other nuts, with aflatoxin.


  10. The recipe with peanuts and chicken is a weening dish. I apologise that it wasn't clarified. I have now listed the reason the dish is on the site. Thank you for helping me make this more user friendly. I've also added Neem Seed Oil as a treatment for the candida infection as well.

  11. You know, I have to tell you, I truly savor this website and the useful insight. I find it to be refreshing and quite clarifying. I wish there were more blogs like it. Testing for mold in your home is one way to keep the problem at bay; once you identify mold damage, you can make the choice to contact a qualified mold remediation specialist in order to remove it.
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  12. This is great information and is so insightful. As the owner of a mold remediation company, The Environmental Solution, we offer a groundbreaking technology using beneficial microbes to treat and manage TOXIC mold, mold spores, & mycotoxins with 100% proven success. Once we address and correct the cause of the contamination, our all green process is the icing on the cake.

  13. I found this blog with the great information about candida and the recomendations for it..
    Over the past 11 years, through a long process of trial, error and experimentation, I developed a 100% guaranteed, 3-Step System for Normal to eliminate the infection of candida for good. It is a unique and extremely powerful healing system infection candidiasis, that very little people know it exists ...

  14. Rosemary is commercially available as essential oil dried herbs and as a plant.Candidiasis will be cured with treatment. If the climate of your region is termperate rosemary is easy to grow. Thanks for your knowledge sharing about Traitement Des Candidoses.

    1. Rosemary is a wonderful healing herb. I also recommend it along with Lavender. Both have amazing properties.

  15. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more about Candida Albicans. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

    1. Just updated it - Three new chapters are planned. One already up on EMF Sickness and Treatment. Other two will be Epigenetics and the other will be on Parasites.

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  17. Hello
    Thank you for such a fantastic website! Because of you I connected with dr croft and he has been wonderful for me and my family. I'm wondering if you used l cystine and l methionine with your detox as he recommends? If so would you share your thoughts/suggestions? Thank you - kim (

    1. So glad to hear you are okay! That's what all of this is for. I am forever thankful that we can stick together and educate the world slowly about this terrible sickness. Feel free to visit my Group on Facebook to aid in helping others. You healed and speaking from experience will help the newbies Kimmy. :)

  18. I really am trying to get as much information as I can from this site. I am very sick, and so is my mother and 3 kids now. I have been sick for a very long time. I finally know it is my house. We are finally in a hotel but I really do not know what to do. I am miserable and it is very hard to function, and it is hard to get help when it seems noboby can help you. My lips are so dry no matter how much water I drink. Sometimes it's hard to drink. I am hoping to try some natural remedies. We luckily have neem oil. I am scared to take it, because I have heard bad things. But I guess I am going to try two drops of it? We have neem leaves too but I don't know if that will be just as good.

    I know this sounds strange, but when I was 29 I saw things, like I had "visions". One thing I saw was that I was going to die at 32. After the last of my "visions" I heard on the radio Brittany Murphy died at 32. I felt this connection when I heard it... like it felt like a message. I just really hit me hard hearing it and felt strange. Now I am 32... a couple weeks ago I decided to do research on Brittany Murphy's death. I found it was probably caused by toxic mold. I do not know why it didn't hit me that mold was why I had be sick for so long, but luckily because I told my mother about Brittany Murphy dying by toxic mold she figured to do research. I finally was at my sickest... I kept catching one cold right after another....(still have one) my whole family started getting sick. My mom decided to look up toxic mold. It explained my muscle twitches, heart pain, high blood pressure, body aches, random pain that felt like pricks through-out body, frequent damp runny ears, fatigue, my skin turned so dry and rough, my toes looked like old peoples toes, my nails became soooo hard.... my teeth started to get bad fast. The only thing a doctor could find wrong with me was that my Vitamin D and Vitamin A levels were low. So eventually I was diagnosed with FM, but no medicines helped. Also, when I started to get sick, or really noticed I was sick, and I went to see the doctor, that was the first a doctor has not been able to draw blood from my arms... 6 different people had tried in a year. I do not know if that is related, but I would assume so. I already had small viens, or it was already hard for doctors get to my viens, but not impossible. Now it's impossible. Also I started to feel like I was losing my mind...I was having terrible crying spells...and felt disoriented, also I had very high anxiety non stop for no reason.

    Anyways, I am rambling. If anyone can help me, I really need to help my children... I am going to see about what help we can get... it would be helpful if it's something my insurance will cover. As much information I am seeing from this site, I do wish I understood more about how to the insurance companies work to cover treatments for candida infection that aren't labled as mold, and I also knew how you go about getting a doctor to treat it without labeling it as mold. I am also curious as to how they treat it.

    If anyone can help, please email and put NINA in the title so I know it's something from someone I need to read. Thank you. If I servive this... I have found a cause to fight for because what I have read and found out about the FDA on mold disgusts me.