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Aspergillus invading cells above.
When Mold Toxins invade the body (the mycotoxins they produce) the reactions will always be completely different from someone else's.  This has drawn difficulty identifying certain infections, as where Toxicologists are needed to do blood work, urine analysis, and biopsy options. Allergists are bent on trying to convince you that these reactions in your body are result from allergies. This however, is no allergic reaction. This must be clear. Allergist are completely ignorant of this and prescribe things like inhalers, anti-biotics (Made from mold) and steroids which will not help people sick with this illness. Steroids weaken the immune system. Anti-biotics which kill off the good bacteria in the gut, then candida and other bad fungi/bacteria in the gut, will start to run havoc in our bodies. Candida is the worst of all the issues. Inhalers also have steroids in them, so it is a bad idea to take any of these things if you are sick from ANY TOXINS or MOLD.

So to review:
Steroids: Will weaken immune system, destroy body's defense mechanisms. Edginess, impatience, paranoid feelings
severe mood swings violent outbursts known as "roid rage" General Physical Side Effects of Steroids are liver damage kidney damage, increased blood pressure and cholesterol (risk for heart disease), depressed immune system (risk for infections), headache and stomach ache
nosebleeds, severe facial and body acne, decreased joint flexibility.

Anti-Biotics: Made from mold, will poison you further, and destroy all good bacteria in gut. Prevent body from naturally healing on it's own and keep our natural resistance dangerously low. Also makes other viruses and bacteria anti-biotic resistant and much stronger to where it is harder to detox naturally. This is an endless cycle of dis-"ease". Anti-biotics also allow for bad bacteria to start running a muck throughout your body as your immune system starts to fail. Even Candida will escape from your gut along with the bad bacteria and take over your entire system. 

     The proper way to handle this sickness is kill the bad bacteria taking over your body first. Here is a rough list of what is available for you.  For adults and children.

Note - (Oil of oregano is too strong for children.) 

(Internal Treatments:)
  • Neem Seed Oil
  • Oregano Oil
  • Garlic
  • Chlorophyll Liquid Gel Caps
  • Grape Fruit Seed Extract
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Pau D'arco Tincture
  • Mullein Tincture
  • Echinacea Tincture
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Baking soda water
  • Alfalfa Supplement 
  • Dandelion Supplement
  • Burdock
  • Lobelia
     • Oregano
     • Basil
     • Dill

     • Parsley
     • Sage
     • Turmeric
     • Ginger
     • Grape Seed Oil
     • Garlic
     • Onion 

(External Treatments:)

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Oregano Oil
  • Neem Seed Oil
  • Chlorophyll
  • Vitamin E
  • Grape Fruit Seed Extract
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Mango Butter
  • Olive Leaf Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Epsom Salts
  • Oatmeal Washes
  • Sea Weed Treatments
Then after you can with a hematologist, Toxicologist, Naturopathic, Homeopathic or regular doctor that does skin and blood work make sure the candida and bad bacteria are under control. Thankfully I was not infected too bad here in my home. I got it under control before it swung into hell. Mold traveled from my office, onto my car, then onto my driveway. So it always attached to my windows. I had to keep my home very clean to avoid further sickness. After a year, I killed it all with Ammonia, Borax and power-washing. All mold that was around my home has been removed.   

This was my personal supplement and tea treatment regiment during my weaning and detoxing:

One dropper of (Tinctures) During Detox went up to three:

• Burdock 

• Mullein - (Expectorant - helps cough up spores and Phlegm)
• Pau D'arco
• Echinacea  
• Neem Seed Oil - Taste bad, but good for you (1/2 Dropper)
• Teaspoon of Grape Fruit Seed Extract liquid
• Gotu Kola (For muscle pain and atrophy also kidneys and liver)

Supplements One each - During Detox went up to three:

• Dandelion

• Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorophyll Gel Cap
• Grape Seed Extract (Cleans out brain - pain and brain fog and body swelling) (As many as you need)
• Alfalfa (To make an appetite. It's also a natural Prozac)
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin D
• Calcium

• Scorpion Venom pills -  from Naturopathic doctor one a day and let melt under tongue. (This one was strange, but really helped with the body pain. Always get it prescribed as it can be dangerous. Through Heavy Detox I started one a day until the pain of detox was over. Never any more.)

Treating a urinary tract infection early is the key to fast relief and preventing more serious problems. This also works to show your Candida levels are off in the body. Sure tell sign you have an issue with this. Should be done in the morning. First pee. - With new and improved AZO Test Strips, you can take a UTI test at home safely and simply, then call your doctor with the results.

The same UTI tests that most doctors use to diagnose a UTI.
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   Introducing good bacteria into the gut at this point is necessary. Sometimes a good Vitamin C flush can help reset the gut and intestinal track before starting the treatment. It also will depend how immune deprived your body is since there is a high chance the pro-biotics might get into your bloodstream. It is good to consult a Hematologist on such matters as well as a Primary Immune Deficiency  doctor. There are many different types of Pro-Biotics that are on the market. I personally use Saccaromyces Boulardii. There are types that contain the key ingredient like in mothers milk, some help build healthy digestive tracks, and others strengthen the immune system. There is good bacteria that may help relieve digestive disorders and benefit the immune system and an excellent rating of the best products to deliver your probiotic dose.  Yogurt won out over supplements, and strawberry yogurts rated highest.

Who should avoid probiotics

     The reports also points out that although probiotics seem to be safe, people with severely suppressed immune systems or who are seriously ill probably should avoid them. And that warning also applies to women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, and children with short-bowel syndrome.  The reason? You would be more susceptible to infections if these bacteria got into your bloodstream. Was Consumer Reports raising a needless alarm? Not if you check the American Cancer Society Web site,

 Bacteria-containing foods

    The ACS, echoing dietary suggestions developed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, says people with weakened immune systems may need to avoid some foods that are likely to harbor high levels of bacteria. The site contains a list of foods to avoid, especially if you are undergoing chemotherapy which weakens the immune system. That list cautions against eating raw and under cooked meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs, hot dogs, tofu, sausage, bacon, cold smoked fish (salmon), lox, pickled fish, unpasteurized milk and milk products including cheese and yogurt, and aged cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, blue, Roquefort, sharp cheddar and Stilton.


    Fish oil - Further research into what to avoid with a weakened immune system yielded another surprising suggestion: Stay away from large doses of fish oil.  Fish-oil supplements are really popular right now for their possible positive effects as a cholesterol reducer and a protective agent for the heart.  But University of Missouri-Columbia researcher Dr. Kevin L. Fritsche issued this statement in 2001.  When the benefits of fish oil were first recognized, they were thought to be a 'magic bullet.' However, the influence Omega-3 fatty acids have on immune cell function indicates that under some circumstances, disease resistance is impaired. It appears fish oil causes a decrease in the production of a molecule that helps to shape the immune response, but we don't know what the long-term consequences are to the immune system. Those with bleeding disorders and those taking anticoagulant medications are also cautioned because of fish oil's anti-clotting action.  So much for that old rule of thumb that you can't get enough of a good thing. These cautions underscore, again, how important it is to let your doctor know what supplements you are taking and to discuss the advisability of eating certain foods if your immune system isn't functioning well.

Prana Sound Studio's -One Thousand and Fifty Petals (Chakra Meditation) Rick Batyr 
(Click here for View)

A wonderful person I am very close with, created an in depth CD to aid each chakra musically into a better state of being. These tracks are great for helping you back onto the road back to health. Also a key ingredient in recovery, is finding the strength to push onward.

    This music can help you adjust back to becoming one with yourself again. Being this sick destroys more than just our bodies. It destroys our mind and our faith in existence.  Prana sound studios, has developed this with careful ears and precise frequencies. Note that when you listen to each track, you'll start to recognize your inner self is listening along with you. Sometimes memories, or feelings from the past can come to the surface and an emotional breakdown leads to release of stored pain. When healing the body, we need to heal our soul along with it. ~ Namaste my Moldies. 

Herbal & Organic Treatments

     Through careful trial and error my herbalist friend and I came up with a remedy for people who suffer from the low immune system, mold toxins, and candida infections inside the body. This Tea mixture should detox the body of all the harmful toxins and boost immune productivity. I will below this passage list a place to order them from 100% organic guarantee.

     You also must remember with Natural herbs, the rate of use, the amount of use, the previous condition you have before coming down with Mycotoxicosis; all play a part in how you make this tea. For instance, here I've linked website descriptions of these herbs and what conditions are aggravated by them, also how they help you on your road to recovery over toxins. This is only for adults. 

I personally had no prior health issues before mold poisoning, so I am in the clear taking all of these together.  The dosage I have is for those sickened with Candida, Mycotoxins, and Bad Bacteria. Trust my immune system was so compromised it's measured for the right amounts. When I finished the whole pot, over about four hours or so, it made me feel much more at ease. Thankfully, I would snuggle up warm, and relax watching TV. No electronics like the computer and smart devices. Hurts the eyes. TV is okay. Even better is just listening to music. Our eyes suffer so much it's important to let them rest. My heart would regulate, and my blood pressure would normalize. I also tended to take grape seed extract along with it for detox pain as the toxins were flushed from my body. Also it's important to drink a lot of water. At least three liters for a woman, and two for men. This flushed the toxins out faster without harmful side effects. Water is key to detox. 

I was able to finally sleep, and breathe, also I could eat food better and had an appetite when combined with alfalfa and chlorophyll gel caps. I know some of you have grass issues, but Alfalfa is so darn wonderful. It is a natural "Prozac" on top of being an appetite enhancer. Chlorofresh the brand I use which is made from Alfalfa, so if you are allergic to grasses, maybe another type would be better for you. There are many different origin plants that are used to make Chlorophyll these days. 

Also a Neti pot. This is something I still use, especially after a moldy Autumn season and in the early Springtime. I swear by these little wonders. These little pots really help. Much better to learn with the real pot. I recommend you use the plastic squeezy bottle with the saline solution if you cannot take the regular one. Great educational video. I also make sure to use distilled water warmed in a pot on the stove on low. It should feel as warm as your skin. It should also be as salty as your own tears. The squeeze neti pot has pre-measured packets. 

     Detox Tea Recipe for Immune Recovery 

People with kidney issues, heart issues, and issues with gout, should avoid the heavy detox herbs: Pleurisy Root and Bayberry Root Bark. Click on each Name to be educated on the type of herb I am recommending. 

Pleurisy Root - One Table Spoon dry
(If you have Heart problems, Gout or Kidney issues do not use. Also not while pregnant.)

BayBerry Root Bark - One Table Spoon
(If you have kidney, Gout, or Heart issues, prolonged use can worsen this. Also do not consume if pregnant.)

Nettles - One Table Spoon dry

Gotu Kola - One Table Spoon dry

Cinnamon - Small inch break from whole stick

Clove - Four Cloves

1 - Place all of these teas into a 32 ounce pot, or comparable and let it sit to brew for about five minutes. Make sure to take out after that. It can be reused again for another pot, but only 32 ounces in one day It provides about four cups of tea. Drink very slow and take your time. You will feel a bit high, like someone gave you lithium I would imagine. That's how I would explain the feeling. Make sure to not move around a lot, since it is effectively killing things, it also makes you a bit dizzy. 

2 - Next Day, drink another 32 ounces, and give your body time to rest, about four days until you go for another two days of treatment. Continue this for at least six months. Results start in as little as a week, and don't mind the high you get.  It makes you calm and mellow. 

BONUS: Add organic catnip to the mix if you have trouble sleeping.  Despite being a lot of fun for our fuzzy kitties, it is a grand sleep aid in humans. It works better then any sleeping pill and I know from experience!

- This is a wonderful place, where online you can order anything organic, they are amazing. Highly recommend this company for any of the herbal needs you might need.  Surprisingly enough they have other items like soaps, lotions and toiletries as well.

- These gentleman I personally met. Very sweet, and caring individuals. Their site is under a bit of repair, so just call directly (518-827-4030) and they can ship you an order book. Tell them you got the ad from a girl who was given catnip at the Pagan Pride day in Wantagh.  They know who I am from that believe it or not. Family run business. I edited their link picture for them so you can spread it around to help them get more customers. Great people, low cost on herbs and friendly treatment. A++ in my book. Roland Gillgan was the man I spoke with at a fair.

Neem Seed Oil is an ancient traditional medicine used in the east in certain areas like India. It is known to kill candida infections however it also might start an allergic reaction in some. If you choose to pick it up, start with a very small amount and see how it effects you. I personally had no reaction to it and can honestly say it is helping drastically with motor function issues, vision and hearing. I've been using it on a day on - day off regiment. Half a eye dropper full. I actually make sure to place the dropper as far back behind my tongue as possible since it doesn't taste very good. Kind of like Burnt peanuts, but after about ten minutes, I feel so much better. Please read carefully off of Mountain Rose Herbs for all the pro's and cons of this oil and Ravi Sahay's article I listed below.


     This gentleman had used many Indian remedies for the treatment of candida in the body. It will help those get an understanding of how it effects the body and how when it is leaving the system, it may look worse on the body's skin. Sometimes we need to purge the body of toxins and it won't look very pretty. However many of these remedies used in the right fashion and the right order will completely cleanse the body of the problems. Enjoy the read, he is very well aware of all the issues with this infection we Mold Patients suffer from.


 Oil of Oreganol:
         Oil of Oreganol has been seen in use to kill all kinds of fungi. Upon contact it destroys a variety of fungi and yeasts and doesn't matter where they reside. Whether internally or externally, Oil of Oreganol has been extremely efficient and timely in annihilating these nasty things.

     In the 1940's and 1950's when nuclear testing was done with little or no regard to anything or any discretion, the only form of life that could survive with nuclear blasts was Candida which is a nasty yeast. But it didn't and still doesn't today survive contact with Oil of Oreganol. When placed in a petri dish with Oil of Oreganol, it died on contact.  I have seen some severe cases of Candida that even turn the tongue black and make a person deathly sick. Then there are cases where it is a hidden culprit but causing adverse physical problems.  Here are a few other fungi that Oil of Oreganol does a mighty job of wiping out including information on Candida, I decided to spend some time elaboration on what some conditions are. The medical community can use big words that mean nothing to the average person. It's the symptoms treated or untreated and at the root cause that means something.

    Now don't go self-diagnosing yourself. There are plenty of good natural medicine practitioners out there. My only concern is the resistance mot fungi have causes them to not respond any longer to traditional medicine therefore causing more damage and compromising one's immune system further. Wisdom is the key always!  Aspergillus(aspergillosis)-These microscopic spores are everywhere an aid in the environment but for someone with a compromised immune system it is not good. A healthy immune system can fight off these spores as predators. The spores are light and float in the air. And can be deadly in a person with a severely compromised immune system. It can be seen in the lungs most commonly.  If an individual has just had surgery, on steroids or is undergoing chemotherapy for instance which is a killer anyhow, the person can be severely affected. Dissemination of aspergillus to other tissues, including the central nervous system, sinuses, bone, heart, kidney, eye, blood and skin, has been reported.

      Alternatively aspergillosis can occur in an immuno-competent person (i.e. a person with no known suppression of their immune system) where previous tissue damage has occurred - for instance heavily scarred pulmonary tissue associated with tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or bronchiectasis or some underlying lung disease.  Risk factors for invasive aspergillosis include patients on steroids, chemotherapy treatment resulting in severe neutropenia, stem cell and solid organ transplantation, later stages of AIDS, and a genetic disease called chronic granulomatous disease (usually said to be an inherited disease where the immune system doesn't function properly). Treatment calls for anti-fungal drugs which this day in age are becoming increasingly non-effective against fungi.  Athletes Foot doesn't need a lot of explanation but is a fungus known as ringworm of the foot or tinea pedis that typically affects the foot but can spread to the groin area. It causes scaling, flaking and itching.

     Blastomycosis is a rare infection that may develop when people breathe in (inhale) a fungus called Blastomyces dermatitidis, which is found in wood and soil. Blastomycosis occurs in people living in the south-central and Midwestern United States and Canada. The infection is seen in 1-2 out of every 100,000 people in areas where the fungus most often occurs. The disease usually affects people with weakened immune systems, such as those with HIV or who have had an organ transplant. Men are more likely to be affected than women. It is usually treatable but left untreated could result in death.  Lung infection may produce no symptoms, but when the infection spreads, skin or bone sores (lesions) may appear. The bladder, kidney, prostate, and testes may be affected.

Other symptoms may include:

* Chest pain
* Cough (may produce brown or bloody mucus)
* Fatigue
* Fever
* General discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling (malaise)
* Joint stiffness and pain
* Muscle stiffness and pain
* Rash
* Shortness of breath
* Sweating
* Unintentional weight loss

    Candida albicans is a yeast that lives in the mouth, throat, intestines and genitourinary tract of most humans and is usually considered to be a normal part of the bowel flora (the organisms that coexist with us in our lower digestive tract). It is actually a member of a broader classification of organisms known as fungi.  Unfortunately, there are many factors in our modern society that can upset the ecological balance of the body, weaken the immune system and thus allow the yeast to overgrow. Of these, the major risk factors which may predispose one to the proliferation of candida are:

STEROIDS, HORMONES, IMMUNO-SUPPRESSANT DRUGS - such as cortisone which treat severe allergic problems by paralyzing the  immune system's ability to react.

PREGNANCY, MULTIPLE PREGNANCIES / BIRTH CONTROL PILLS   - which upset the body's hormonal balance




 - Probably the chief culprit of all, antibiotics kill all bacteria . They do not distinguish good bacteria from bad. Antibiotics kill the "good" flora which normally keeps the candida under control. This allows for the unchecked growth of candida in the intestinal tract. It is normally difficult to recover a yeast culture from bodily surfaces. However, after 48 hours of taking tetracycline, yeast can be cultured easily from anyone. The prevalence today of candida may be most directly related to the widespread societal exposure to antibiotics -- from prescriptions for colds, infections, acne, and from additional consumption of antibiotic-treated foods such as meats, dairy, poultry and eggs. Notably, antibiotics do not kill viruses; they only destroy bacteria. 

Yet, they are universally prescribed for all colds, flu's and other viral problems. Such indiscriminate and extensive use of antibiotics is not only considered a primary cause of candida overgrowth, but is recently being found to be responsible for the unbridled development of "killer bacteria." The rapid and direct proliferation of the yeast following antibiotic use strongly suggests that the problem of candida is one which stems from an inner state of imbalance, rather than from an outside attack by a microbe or disease. This is a very important point to understand if one wishes to get rid of an overgrowth problem, suggesting that candida is not so much a problem as is the body's own failure to control it!  Coccidiomycosis-Coccidioidomycosis (San Joaquin fever, valley fever) is infection, usually of the lungs, caused by the fungus Coccidioides immitis.

     The spores of Coccidioides are present in soil in the southwestern United States, Central America, and South America. Farmers and others who work with or are exposed to disturbed soil are most likely to inhale the spores and become infected. People who become infected while traveling may not develop symptoms until after they go home. Use of anti-fungal treatments can be necessary for years and many fungi again are becoming resistant to such. It usually shows up as a mild infection in the lungs that goes away without treatment in half the cases. In severe cases it can spread to the entire body. It is more common among men and among blacks, Filipinos, and Native Americans. This form is more likely to occur when the immune system is weakened by disorders, mold, every day toxins or by drugs that suppress the immune system and is often fatal.

    Symptoms are usually mild and often flu-like. They include a cough, fever, chills, chest pain, and sometimes shortness of breath. The cough may produce sputum and occasionally blood. Some people develop desert rheumatism, which includes inflammation of the surface of the eye (conjunctivitis) and joints (arthritis) and formation of skin nodules (erythema nodosum). These effects, which can be painful, are allergic reactions to the fungus and usually imply that people are fighting off the fungus effectively. But the Oil of Oreganol can speed the process up.  In severe cases, meningitis develops and is fatal if not dealt with.  Cryptococcus Infection-Cryptococcosis (Krip-toe-coc-o-sis) is a fungal disease caused by Cryptococcus neoformans or Cryptococcus gattii. Most people do not get sick with cryptococcosis, but some people are more likely than others to get this disease. For these people, cryptococcosis can cause serious symptoms of lung, brain and spinal cord disease, such as headaches, fever, cough, shortness of breath, and night sweats.

     Cryptococcus gattii lives in the soil and areas on or around trees. Animals and humans can get it by breathing it in around areas where Cryptococcus gattii is found, but animals and humans cannot give the disease to each other. A person's age and health status may affect his or her immune system, increasing the chances of getting sick. People who are more likely than others to get Cryptococcus neoformans infection include organ transplant patients, people with HIV/AIDS, and people receiving treatment for cancer. It does not usually affect healthy people.  Even cats and dogs can acquire the infection and can likewise be treated with Oil of Oreganol. Now how cool is that!  Histoplasmosis-a disease caused when airborne spores of the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum are inhaled in the lungs. Histoplasmosis is sometimes so mild that it produces no apparent symptoms. However, later it can lead to a serious eye disease called ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (OHS), a leading cause of vision loss in Americans ages 20 to 40.

  If symptoms of histoplasmosis infection occur, they will start within 3 to 17 days after exposure; the average is 12 -14 days. Most affected individuals have clinically silent manifestations and show no apparent ill effects. The acute phase of histoplasmosis is characterized by non-specific respiratory symptoms, often cough or flu-like. Chronic histoplasmosis cases can resemble tuberculosis; Disseminated histoplasmosis affects multiple organ systems and is fatal unless treated.  Nocardiosis-Nocardia infection is a bacterial infection that usually starts in the lungs. It then tends to spread to other organ systems -- most often the brain and the skin. It may also involve the kidneys, the joints, the heart, the eyes, and the bones.  Nocardia bacteria are found in soil around the world. You can get the disease by inhaling contaminated dust or if soil containing nocardia bacteria gets into an open wound.

  While individuals with normal immune systems can get this infection, the main risk factors for getting nocardiosis are a weakened immune system or chronic lung disease. People on long-term steroid therapy, those with cancer, organ or bone marrow transplants, or HIV/AIDS are at risk. While histoplasmosis is the most common cause of mediastinitis, this remains a relatively rare disease. Severe infections can cause hepatosplenomegaly, lymphadenopathy, and adrenal enlargement.Lesions have a tendency to calcify as they heal. Ocular histoplasmosis damages the retina of the eyes. Scar tissue is left on the retina which can experience leakage, resulting in a loss of vision not unlike macular degeneration.  Ringworm is a common skin disorder, especially among children, but it may affect people of all ages. Although its name suggests otherwise, it is caused by a fungus, not a worm.

     Many bacteria and fungi live on your body. Some of these are useful to you and your body. Others can multiply rapidly and form infections. Ringworm occurs when a particular type of fungus grows and multiplies anywhere on your skin, scalp, or nails.  Ringworm is contagious. It can be passed from one person to the next by direct skin-to-skin contact or by contact with contaminated items such as combs, unwashed clothing, and shower or pool surfaces. You can also catch ringworm from pets that carry the fungus. Cats are common carriers.  The fungi that cause ringworm thrive in warm, moist areas. Ringworm is more likely when you have frequent wetness (such as from sweating) and minor injuries to your skin, scalp, or nails.


Tea Tree Oil:

     Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) has a proven history of over sixty years of safe usage. Tea tree oils record is unmatched by any other natural product. Our tea tree oil is 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade. It is steam distilled from the leaves of the tea tree species (Melaleuca alternifolia) a native to only a small region of northern New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. The highest quality of tea tree oil comes from this region only, all other oils are inferior. Our tea tree oil contains 2.6% Cineole and 41.7 % Terpinen-4-ol. This tea tree oil is a uniquely defined combination of monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and terpene alcohol's with outstanding therapeutic properties. Melaleuca Alternifolia the Australian "Tea Tree" yields an essential oil that is recognized as one of nature's most effective and versatile healers. It can be used as a immune system booster and a preventative against many types of infections. Also See: Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Tea Tree Oil Healing Powers

    Tea tree oil has been proven to be a powerful yet natural antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal medicine (essential oil). It is being used as a very effective first aid remedy and against countless skin ailments, infections, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and skin spots etc. Tea tree oil is effective against nail fungus, ringworm, athlete's foot, dandruff, acne, blackheads and many types of infestations including lice, mites, scabies and mosquitoes etc. (For humans and animals alike) Tea tree oil is not just soothing and disinfecting, it is capable of penetrating into the lower skin layers with its anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, analgesic (pain-killing) and cicatrizant (wound-healing) qualities. It has a diaphoretic effect - It promotes sweating - which enhances the body's own natural preventative response when threatened by infection. Tea tree oil exhibits expectorant and balsamic characteristics, which are especially beneficial in the case of throat or chest infections, having a generally soothing and clearing (mucus-expelling) effect on the entire respiratory tract. It is also effective against head colds.

     What Tea Tree Oil Uses Are Safe?

     One use for tea tree oil that is safe is in the removal of head lice. As a topical or cosmetic application, the tea tree oil is used externally to get rid of the unwanted pests from children and homes. Tea Tree Oil is a safer alternative to many other chemical lice removers including the highly toxic Lindane, now banned in may countries. There are lots of products that are sold over the counter that are dangerous to human health, and many everyday products are suspected of containing cancer causing chemicals. The best means of avoiding cancer is to avoid the products that contain known carcinogens. Since these days it is becoming increasingly difficult to completely eliminate such products from our daily lives, we should take responsibility for the things we do have control over. Choosing natural alternatives could be just one such solution.

 How Poisonous is Tea Tree Oil?

     Tea Tree Oil poisonings are fairly rare, but they do occur. Some times allergic reactions are common, but stinging of the skin is also a sign it is killing bad bacteria and yeast in the area it was applied. It can also be a treatment for the lady's genitals external only. Be SPARING WITH USAGE. Test areas first to see if it can effect you. However, there are more common oils and home remedies that are even more toxic. The most common is menthol, found in pain rubs, vaporizer gels and drops, cough drops, mouthwash, chewing tobacco, and a host of other products. I have not seen any information to suggest even one human death from tea tree oil. The facts are, tea tree oil, like menthol, other essential oils, and many other substances, is graded on an LD 50 basis. This means, when tested on laboratory animals, the lethal dose needed to kill 50% of the animals is measured, and the results reported as LD50 at a certain number of grams or milligrams by weight. Tea tree oil toxicity is equal to 1.9 g per kilogram, or about 1/5 teaspoon per pound of body weight. This is considered a lethal dose in 50% of persons or animals administered this dose.


    This is why, it is common for folks who are overzealous and uninformed or who have received bad information to poison their self and their own pets, particularly small cats and dogs. Tea tree oil is toxic to cats. An average cat weighs 7 to 12 pounds, and if toxicity were based solely on weight, all things being equal, somewhere between 1 1/2 to 3 teaspoons of tea tree oil would be lethal to 50% of cats given that dose. Dogs and cats should not use tea tree oil. 


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