Dying Yeast during Detox

(Picture of Candida Albicans)
 A very important fact to add is when the detox beings, you will feel worse during the process then you did while you were sick.  The interesting part of this is that you also feel better at the same time.  I feel it is partly because you understand that the yeasts, and other fungi infecting your body are dying.  You might be bed-ridden, and praying to god but when its over, you'll appreciate your hard work. It is a hard long road, but please, stay on your diet and do not waiver.  It will help you in the long run three fold.  It might take a couple of months for you to detox completely, but with the right doctor, and the right supplements, you will be wonderful after the whole thing.  Hyperbolic chamber treatments will help this process and ease the pain. 


     If you try to begin the treatments in a house still contaminated you will not get anywhere. Make sure you have this environment with home kits, a Mold Specialist you trust, or moving yourself to a clean environment clean of mold.  There are many people on Facebook in Mold Groups who have trusted Mold Specialist, that can help you make sure you get a good one.  My group is "Divinely Toxic - Mycotoxins, Mold and You" Feel free to always check it out and join our fight for health today.

(I have a chapter on cleaning mold homes and offices, which includes a link to purchase HEPA air cleaners from a trusted website and a pressurized spray bottle for a mixture to kill mold, dry spores, and mycotoxins.)

     Start off by weening your body off of carbs and sugar then little by little get to the point where you consume none at all.  Juicing is a great way towards that. Eat a good balance of fruits, berries, honey and vegetables. Keep this for a few months with a doctor monitoring your vital signs and your level of pH. If too Alkaline or too acidic - there is an issue with your body chemistry. pH strips will ensure you can check it at your own pace each day. Make sure to discuss your symptoms and eating habits with your homeopathic doctor. Some doctors will try to pawn off a complicated supplement product from a large company.  Don't buy it. I did and felt like a sucker.  So know better, and learn from my mistakes in this illness.  All the supplements you need can be purchased for cheaper and a much more pure form from any health food store.


- This is a wonderful place, where online you can order anything organic, they are amazing. Highly recommend this company for any of the herbal needs you might need.  Surprisingly enough they have other items like soaps, lotions and toiletries as well.


- These gentleman I personally met. Very sweet, and caring individuals. Their site is under a bit of repair, so just call directly (518-827-4030) and they can ship you an order book. Tell them you got the ad from a girl who was given catnip at the Pagan Pride day in Wantagh.  They know who I am from that believe it or not. Family run business. I edited their link picture for them so you can spread it around to help them get more customers. Great people, low cost on herbs and friendly treatment. A++ in my book. Roland Gillgan was the man I spoke with at that fair.


Yeast - Candida
Written by Daniel Mark / Norris Newton Davis

Mold belongs to the fungi kingdom in nature. Yeast is a mold. Candida is a type of yeast. Yeasts are actually single cell organisms which can evolve into more complex organisms. It is more a description of a state or stage of developement. Candida albicans are the yeast mold most commonly found to cause yeast infections in humans, for both women and men. Many things can contribute to yeast infections, including pregnancy, mold exposures, antibiotics, steroids, high fruit diets and oral birth control. They also mention a connection between diabetes and candida.

     In order for the human body to function properly, the strength of the good bacteria and the good fungi must be kept in relative balance with each other. This keeps both of them in check. If the strength of either gets too much stronger than the other, they can grow out of control, causing many health problems. When one has a bacterial illness or condition, the doctor will often prescribe an antibiotic drug. Most antibiotics are made from various mold fungi, penicillin is made from the penicillium mold, etc. Antibiotics are sent in to kill off the bacterial illness or condition. But, they also kill off the good bacteria needed by the body to function properly. This can upset the bacterial/fungal balance and lead to an overgrowth of fungi, especially for a person who has had a toxic mold exposure. Their body is already out of balance due to the accumulated levels of mold fungi from their exposure. The last thing they need is a concentrated dose of a fungal based antibiotic.

Dermis and Deeper layers of the
skin infected with Albicanus
 Then the antibiotics reinforce the fungal army, making it even more difficult to reachieve bacterial/fungal balance. The army of various fungi, like yeast, combine to wreak havoc throughout the body. It becomes more and more difficult for the body to produce enough good bacteria fast enough to counter the out of control growth rate of all the various fungi, including yeast. It is important at this point to remember that we are dealing with living, growing organisms. They need moisture and nutrients to grow inside you. They get those from your body. They like sugar carbohydrates. So, don't eat, feed them sugar carbohydrates. They don't like chlorophyll since, mold is non-chlorophyll in nature. So, eat lots of green vegetables and supplement your diet with chlorophyll or chlorophyllin.

     When the bacterial/fungal balance is upset in the gastrointestinal digestive system, proper functioning is disrupted, slowing down movement of the nutrients, wastes and toxins through the system, leading to constipation. It interrupts the absorption processes. This gives sugars, yeasts, grains and fruits time to combine and ferment into alcohol inside your body. Gases are produced causing bloating of the abdomen, much like a balloon inflating on top of a jug of home made beer or wine. After my own toxic mold exposure I was fortunate enough to become one of Dr. Marinkovich's patients. I remember one of the questions he asked was whether I had experienced bloating. The only time I have ever been checked by a police officer for DUI was during my toxic mold exposure, when I had not consumed any alcohol. It was the way I was walking which drew his attention. There are documented cases of people appearing drunk, when they have not consumed any alcohol. It begs the question of how accurate the DUI tests are in determining how much alcohol a person has been drinking. How much of the alcohol was produced inside their body? Perhaps it sheds some light on why some people, like myself, are affected quicker by consuming alcohol.

     To reachieve proper bacterial/fungal balance the strength of the fungal army must be reduced at the same time as the strength of the good bacterial army is increased. This can be achieved using a combination of antifungals and probiotics. Once bacterial/fungal balance is re-established, the levels of both need to be reduced simultaneously, to levels the cleaning systems can easily manage. This can be done a number of ways. Chlorophyllin appears to be effective against both bacteria and fungi. Hydrogen peroxide is a sterilant, killing both bacteria and fungi. Hydrogen peroxide can be introduced topically on the skin, as a mouth rinse, as an ear cleaner, and even intravenously by a medical practitioner. Liver cleanses are very helpful by clearing out a lot of the accumulated material the overburdened liver has tried to clean out of the body's operating systems. Colon cleanses can help clear the backed up sludge out of the colon.

This is the dead on sign you are
infected with A body Yeast infection.
The Candida will show on your skin.
      For those people who have had toxic mold introduced into the equation, there is another very important aspect to consider. The different bacteria and fungi are like siblings, often existing in symbiotic relationships, helping each other. But, sibling rivalry ensues as they fight for the limited resources of moisture and nutrients inside the human body, in order to survive. The situation becomes much more complex when toxic mold fungi have been introduced into the chemistry of the body. Toxic molds produce mycotoxins to kill off their microbial competitors. The more crowded it gets in the competition for resources, the more mycotoxins that get produced, and the stronger the toxic molds become in the equation. At this point the body is not only out of balance, affecting it's ability to fight off the detrimental effects, strong destructive toxins start damaging the brain and central nervous system. Now, detoxification needs to become a part of the protocol. Chlorophyllin is effective for this.


Written by Daniel Mark / Norris Newton Davis

The Mold Missionary

     When I discovered mold fungi were non-chlorophyll in nature, it caught my attention. If mold fungi did not enjoy a chlorophyll rich environment, chlorophyll deserved some close attention. Chlorophyll makes biological material like trees and plants grow. Mold fungi engineers biological material to degenerate and die. The job of mold fungi is to degenerate and break down all biological material and components to their basic elements, and then recycle them back to Mother Nature from whence they came. Chlorophyll, which makes things grow, is counter-productive to the actions of mold fungi. Thus, consumption of chlorophyll rich carbohydrates such as green vegetables creates a chlorophyll rich environment, which appears to be a hostile environment for mold fungi. Perhaps there is a whole lot more to those instructions from our parents to "eat your green vegetables" than I ever realized.

     My subsequent research led me to chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll. Back in the early 1960s there was an outbreak of tumor growths and liver cancer in the rainbow trout at the hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon State University took on the task of investigating this outbreak. The source was traced to the moldy cottonseed feed they were being fed at the hatcheries. The mold aspergillus flavus produced aflatoxins, now known to be a human carcinogen and a leading contributor to liver cancer. Especially in warm, humid parts of the developing world, it is commonly found in the food sources of corn, peanuts, cereal grains and maize. This leads to an unusually high incident rate of liver cancer. Even here in the United States aflatoxins from mold in food play a significant role in the incidence of liver cancer and people's health. Dr. George Bailey's team at Oregon State University found the rainbow trout to be an excellent subject for studying the contributing effect of aflatoxins on liver cancer, due to their relatively short development period.

     A colleague, Rod Dashwood, suggested Dr. George Bailey look at chlorophyllin. It is a derivative of chlorophyll, the green element which enables plants to grow. It is the green in the green vegetables, green tea, and many other green plants which possess preventative medicinal value. Dr. George Bailey's team found that chlorophyllin reduced the incidences of liver cancer in the trout. Then they joined a John Hopkins University team studying a population in China, which had an unusually high incidence rate of liver cancer. Chlorophyllin was added to their daily diet, reducing incidences of liver cancer by 50%. It reduced absorption of the aflatoxins into the body and eliminated them. Aflatoxins are mycotoxins produced by molds found in the food supply.

      I decided to add chlorophyllin to my diet. I felt that saturating the body and its tissues with chlorophyllin would create an hostile environment for mold fungi and their mycotoxins in my body. I went to the local nutrition center and found it in a liquid concentrated form called ChlorOxygen by Herbs Etc. I started adding about 10 mg of chlorophyllin concentrate to each quart of distilled drinking water I consumed during the day. I tried to drink at least 2 quarts of good clean water each day. Water is the most important element we supply to our bodies. The water with chlorophyllin added brought a quick and interesting response. I found myself coughing up black goobers of mold fungi, encased in an aloe-like gel. Whenever I felt the sensation in my throat I would cough them up, encased in this slippery gel. They obviously did not like the chlorophyll rich environment my body now had. I was delighted with how well the chlorophyllin would engage microbes, surround them with a slippery gel, and then usher them out of my body. You could actually see the black mold spores inside the gel. I would use my Panasonic 30x light scope to examine them. I also cultured some of them on petri dishes of potato dextrose agar, where they grew into very ugly colonies of mold fungi.

     I normally experimented with only one protocol at a time, in order to accurately interpret the results. But, about a week after I started adding chlorophyllin to my water, I started experimenting with getting the mold fungi saturated wax out of my ears, which I had determined was contributing to my earaches. My first attempt to dewax(yes I know that is not a word, but I liked it) my ears, was to get those kits with the liquid solution you put in your ears for seven minutes, and then rinse them out. The second night I did this, I fell asleep, leaving the solution in that ear overnight. I woke up the next morning with one side of my throat hurting identical to how a strep throat feels. It had apparently melted the wax, releasing all of those microbes down my throat. Only that one side of my throat was affected. It was really weird having only one half, one side of my throat with the symptoms of strep throat. I found myself in the position of deciding whether to continue the chlorophyllin experiment, or not.

     I decided that due to its apparent method of surrounding microbes, encasing them, and sliding them out of the body, I would continue using the chlorophyllin to see what happened. I drank some of the water with chlorophyllin added and the result was very dramatic. Within seconds my throat was covered with the emulsion like gel, to the point it made me feel like I was going to gag. This made it hard to breathe through my mouth. The pain was instantly gone. I stood the almost gagging sensation as long as I could. Then I would cough it all up and out into the sink. About 50% of the pain returned. The gel I had coughed out into the sink was full of gel encased black mold fungi spores and yellow material which I believed to be bacteria. I repeated this method over the next few days to get rid of the sore throat. It is the only time I have encountered this experience, to this degree. It was enlightening.

     At one point I drove down to Oregon State University to meet with Dr. George Bailey, who had worked on the joint Oregon State University and John Hopkins University project in China. We had what Dr. Bailey described as " an interesting conversation" regarding my experiences with chlorophyllin. Dr. Bailey said they had used 100 mg capsules three times daily in their project, which reduced liver cancer by 50%.

     I decided to add chlorophyllin to my diet in the capsule form, at the rate of 100 mg, three times daily. I found it in the nutrition department of the local food and variety store, Fred Meyers. It is called Chlorofresh by Nature's Way. Previously I had only been adding about 9-12 mg of chlorophyllin concentrate to each quart of drinking water. Now I do both. This helps collect and reduce absorption of toxins and other microbes in both my throat and the digestive system. Adding 300 mg daily to my diet saturates my tissues and organs with chlorophyllin, creating a hostile environment for the mold fungi. I started coughing up little black goobers as the mold fungi seemed anxious to escape the chlorophyllin rich environment. It also is very beneficial to preventing constipation, and encasing the harmful toxins as they move through the colon, helping to protect the colon. To avoid being shocked, it turns everything green. Chlorophyllin is also used as a cheap food coloring. These are my personal experiences with chlorophyllin.

     One of the most dramatic responses to adding chlorophyllin to their diet was experienced by a friend of mine. Formerly he was an exterminator. He had worked with, and been exposed to, a lot of toxins and chemicals. He was considerably overweight, had diabetes and other related health problems. One thing to keep in mind is the human body's ability to adapt and try to protect itself. The human body stores toxins and chemicals in the fat tissues. I believe it does this in order to separate them from harming other parts of the body. The more toxins and chemicals being absorbed into the body, the more fat the body will produce, to surround and separate them from crucial operating systems. I believe that any weight loss program should include a detoxification program. After my friend added chlorophyllin to his diet I didn't see him for about a month. The next time I saw him I almost did not recognize him. He had lost a lot of weight, and had just passed his life insurance physical with flying colors. He was like a different person.

     I continue to add chlorophyllin to my daily diet with ongoing results beneficial to my health. As a result of seeing how well chlorophyllin worked in my body, I make a better effort to add green vegetables to my diet. The fresher the better. I go to the farmers markets so as to buy the freshest and the most organic vegetables possible. I believe it was the Greek philosopher Apocrates that said " Thy Food is thy Medicine and thy Medicine thy Food ". And as the 'Juice Man' used to say "Eat Live Food". Our health is determined by what we put, and allow, into our bodies. When real food is growing from the ground, absorbing the essential elements provided so generously by Mother Earth, the cells and molecules are generating life. Once they are plucked from Mother Earth, the source of their generative elements, their days of being a generative substance, are numbered. Just ask any farmer whose livelihood depends on how fast he/she can get their product to market. From the point of plucking, it is only a matter of time until the generative elements succumb to the degenerative actions of mold fungi doing their job. Remember the job of mold fungi is to decompose, degenerate and breakdown all biological material and components to their basic elements, and recycle them back to Mother Earth, from whence they came. Dust to dust. The cycle of life, whether you be plant, animal, or human.  Chlorophyllin is made from many different plants. Make sure the chlorophyllin you choose is not made from a plant you are allergic to.