Symptoms of Toxins

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     Mycotoxicosis has three stages:

The 1st Stage:  is without ANY SYMPTOMS, it is the process of being exposed and most never know they're in danger.  It begins with normal reactions like, "Oh, my allergies are bothering me" or "I think I might be getting a cold."

The 2nd Stage: can include all the symptoms below later on this page. includes flu like symptoms, coughing,  hearing issues, sight issues, headaches, fevers, balance, painful red rashes, open sores and possibly even seizures.  Stage two patients can linger in this area for years and never know they're suffering from this because of the doctors treating the ailments, not the cause. which are listed below in detail further down the page.

The 3rd Stage:  can include organ failure, renal failure, going partial/completely deaf, going partial/completely blind and possibly even death. These can be turned around with the right treatment. So nothing is set in stone. have faith and keep to your new diet.


Here above is just one of many areas in the building covered With Cladisporium
(Class b), and there was another fighting with it Stachybotrys chartarum(Class A).
Both of these were producing immense amounts of mycotoxins to knock the
opposing mold out of its territory.  To give an idea of how large this area was,
left to right that was about four feet, and continues past the area of the photo. 
I was in a contaminated building for 18 months, it took me 8 months to first figure out it was the mold and the oozing mycotoxins dripping from walls and air vents that was making me sick. Then I started the quest online for collecting answers, and information. I also read books upon books on micro-organisms to see how they lived as a species on our planet. Then I ended up making a blog 25 months in after being forced to quit my job, with all the information I collected. Learning how the Mold and it's toxins effect the human body blew my mind. With collected teachings from Dr Croft over the phone, many other moldies, other websites containing information on what happened to their livestock effected by molds, and some rare finds on human studies, I've now managed to understand a few basic things about it. Also at this present time, I still continue to learn and teach healthy living. Synthetic medicine is not the answer for healthcare any longer. Western medicine needs a serious overhaul

The yellow droplets of water you see here are chock full of Mycotoxins. They were
dripping from the entire wall, on every wall due to poor humidity in the building and a leak. Spores become
air borne any where viable at this time, with the slightest movement.
         Mycotoxins are similar to a bee's sting or snake's venom. Even though it is a bi-product of the digestive system of the mold, it also protects the mold at the same time ensuring it will remain unharmed. The spores themselves, are airborne, as well as freely traveling and growing arms off the original spore that settled on said material. When it's disturbed in any fashion IE air currents, brushing up against it etc, not only do the spores fly into the air effecting the lungs, nose, throat, eyes, ears, skin at first, but later spread into the blood stream, and can even get into the brain and cease basic motor functions. It's the molds only defense mechanism. It also can completely change your DNA structure as it's defense to ensure you do not go back to it again. This is another scary part about the toxins it produces. It's certain the top of the food chain in my book now...

     Mycotoxins are used in everyday products and medications for pets, humans, and in products we wouldn't even think of. This is what stirred me to study the mycotoxins themselves, as they are a living toxin. They have the ability to act as defense for the mold like our immune system can in our own defense of germs and such. Each mycotoxins attacks certain areas of the body of the infected, and each mycotoxin does it in a different way completely. Alkaline blood and body, Chlorophyll fresh running through the body, is the first line in depleting the toxins from reproducing further in the body. I have a list of other supplements and herbs that continuously will as well fight back the toxins on my "Herbal Remedies Page". Slow weaning off grain, carbs and sugars which is what Candida Yeast and fungi consume as foods, is the second step. Complete detox for at least 8 months then shows it who's boss. This must be done slowly and there should be a weaning process prior to full blown detox. Then add back slowly to your system: natural herbs, medicines, minerals and vitamins, along with specific pro-biotics. This will boost and strengthen the immune system. Once the immune system is back in check, and you're gaining control of your body once again, it becomes much easier to gain health back at a rapid rate. Also fresh air, sunshine (vit. D) and clean filtered air and water along with that, and it's a good program to bring the light back into ones eyes. Like Jerry garcia said, "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been..."

Copied From Extensive Research done on Mycotoxicosis; or as they call it (Mycotoxicoses) - Science directory found on line. (From unknown source.)

Symptoms of Mycotoxicoses

 Mycotoxicoses could be defined as a disease outbreak that is commonly associated with the ingestion of mycotoxins or inhalation of spores produced by fungi. The appearance of mycotoxicosis symptoms depends on the level of contamination, length of exposure, type of mycotoxin, degree of combination with several other mycotoxins, individual differences, species-specific resistance, sex, pre-existing pathological and physiological status of the victim. The synergistic effects associated with several other factors such as genetics, diet, and interactions with other toxins have been poorly studied. Therefore, it is possible that vitamin deficiency, caloric deprivation, alcohol abuse, and infectious disease status can all have compounded effects with mycotoxins. In turn, mycotoxins have the potential for both acute and chronic health effects through ingestion, skin contact and inhalation.

    These toxins can enter the blood stream and lymphatic system and inhibit protein synthesis, damage macrophage systems, particle clearance of the lung and increase sensitivity to opportunistic infections. If symptoms appear within a short period of less than 7 days of contamination, it is termed “acute mycotoxicoses” but, if the interval between contamination and appearance of the symptoms persist longer, it is termed “chronic mycotoxicoses”. In acute cases, victim may die if adequate treatment measures are not taken whereas, in chronic cases, the victim may live longer though with protracted illnesses. In any case, the victim should consult medical or veterinary doctor for prompt diagnosis based on the observed symptoms.

Mycotoxicosis symptoms in livestock as well as humans could persist in the form of:

General body weakness

Weight loss
Heart hypertrophy
Abdominal pains
Organ (e.g. brain, kidney, liver etc) lesions/hemorrhage
Head pressing
sudden death
Alimentary Toxic Aleukia

All of these could be diagnosed through the following:

Haematological analyses

Biochemical analyses
Histopathochemical analyses
Radio chemical analyses

Common Signs of Stage Two Mold Poisoning:

This is my own neck, which is covered with Hard boils, candidas
yellow marks under my skin, spider veins from entrance wounds
of the Myoctoxins, bruises, and red irritated itchy skin. This was
about 12 months exposure of several different molds.
 Skin Marks:  Small red veins in a circle, red dots, boils, hard pimples, yellow spots on skin, rashes. These are signs you've entered into stage two, which will come with flu like symptoms that are not remedied by normal means. In the slide I was provided by a astounding toxicologist, the normal cell pattern should be between 1 and 3 cells thick, where the mycotoxins have invaded my skin, its obvious due to the enlarged areas in between my capillaries. The cell spacing is now 5 to 7 cells thick.  (This is further below with the actual Slide blown up for definition.)

     There is a section below which shows the actual biopsy. Scroll down and there is more information on that. He also highlighted the yeast in each of my cells in black, to show that this is going on in all my  entire body including my organs.  His contact information is listed in the Doctor Chapter of my blog. This effect on the body is evident by these spots, abrasions, and boils on my flesh in the picture next to this type. (This picture above is my actual neck which displays the skin abrasion I was discussing above, during the poisoning on site in the polluted building. If you look closely the white spots of Candida are evident along side there as well. Good reference photo to use to your own skin.)


Fatigue: Tired, sleepy, no energy, cannot operate at normal functioning level? This is cause by the Mycotoxins, mold and yeast in your body, which are operating at cellular levels. They are shutting down your own working cells partly and replacing themselves in the same area in order to consume what you're digesting and bringing into the body. They are considered a parasite as far as I am concerned.  Located next to type is a picture of a yeast cells on a patients tongue. If your tongue looks like this or worse a few minutes, or hours after you brush your teeth and tongue, then you have a body yeast infection (candida, Thrush). This is common amongst mold poisoned individuals because their immune systems are compromised.  Children, Adults, Male, Female, Elderly all can and will at one point be effected by this yeast. (Picture of stock Tongue infected with Candida.)

     The yeast is the worst of all three in the later stages simply because it prevents your normal cells from getting nutrients and slowly starves them.  It also invades all organs and slowly eats away at them, which can end in organ failure.  It also enjoys existing at a pH level of 4.5 to 7 which is quite alkaline in comparison to others in the fungi and Yeast family. Killing the Candida infection is a main priority even before the mold and mycotoxins.  If you can successfully kill the overgrown yeast cells, and bring the positive bacteria back in level in your body, its easier to kill off the other infections and toxins preventing you from recovering.  pH levels have a large part to do with this and you should make sure to get that tested.  I had a Urine pHlevel of 4 to 4.5 which is too low, in fact they said that it was dangerously low in the acidic area. Yet towards the end I became too Alkaline and had to swing back the other way. It's a bit of a see-saw effect, but results in completely balancing your pH back to normal.

    The diet plan I have listed in "The Riddle of pH and Foods" page was straight from a homeopathic doctor, and I recommend that you find one local to you to have him change your diet. This one is all around treatment for yeast infection as well as to kill off the other yeast/mold spores inside the body.  It leaves the body in a better state afterwords and tends to have little to any side effects like common synthetic drugs. There is a useful doctor search link located in the Doctor Chapter in this blog. 


Candida Body Infection: (The photo next to this type is a general picture of candida infected alveoli.) Small white circles under first layer of skin, Coated white tongue, Nail yellowing, brittle nails, and muscle atrophy. Our bodies operate with a host of other life forms who work in conjunction with us. When we are exposed to Mycotoxins in high amounts and mold in a location without a break from it, it invades our bodies and then attaching itself to our fat cells. This also lets these other organisms over infect the body in result. So all the bacteria and yeast that is in our digestive track run a muck throughout our bodies and take over along side the mold. Outside bacteria as well will now have a better Ph to exist in. Commonly humans have a Ph Level of about 6.5. Basically our Digestive track has become a hostile place for them and they seek out new grounds.

     Using my own urine analysis as example at the point of 18 month exposure was at a 3. Normal urine has a pH of about 6.0 or 6.5 which is healthy. My condition made me so acidic which prevented calcium from being absorbed. Now Calcium can exist in such an acidic environment, but the body cannot absorb it, so its completely lost.  It's important to remember that during your treatment program. In order to reabsorb calcium, your digestive track needs to be altered and corrected in proper function order. Otherwise Osteoporosis will set in. Vitamin C flush is a great way to cleanse out your digestive track after you've completed the "Kill Candida Treatments. It is a great introduction to starting detox. When you set yourself up with a Homeopathic doctor personally for your own body, He might give you things of this nature to eliminate the toxins. Check out the chapters on Doctors, Treatments and Remedies for this.  


                 This is my biopsy provided by by my toxicologist. 18 Months Exposure time. The Black circles with Arrows and a "Y" are Black dyed Yeast cells. The Larger Arrows at the upper middle show the mycotoxins and how they have invaded my capillaries. This is proof that Mycotoxins invade and stay in the body. The cell spacing should be between one to three cells thick which is apparent in other areas to the right of the picture. The center spread with the two large arrows, is five to seven cells thick from the mycotoxins. Also it is evident the mycotoxins have invaded this area by how large of an area is shown in comparison to the surrounding areas. You can blatantly see that yeast have started to prosper and grow inside this area.

     Along the bottom of the slide you can see where this has happened with the small arrows with the "Y" and how they are much larger. Yeast cells are dyed in black to be shown. This is not only in the 3mm biopsy here, but my entire body. This is why this is a very needed test to get done.  It's relatively cheap, but priceless in comparison as to its use in court, explaining to your family, and Doctors.  I've found recently that doctors will commonly diagnose Candida illness but leave out the mold poisoning from reports if good natured. Its possible to get insurance to cover Candida infections; however, not Mycotoxicosis or other mold related illnesses. It could be an option for you to approach your local doctor who is trusted and explain you know you're sick with this.

     Early on it could save your life, and your wallet from being drained. Have good documentation with you to back you up. It's always better if you understand what is effecting you when explaining to your doctor. You will see skin marks right before or in your first development into Stage Two, which could really enhance your chance at a normal life again. You could completely recover before it gets to organ failure, or  partial hearing loss and blindness like I suffered from. It could lead to death if left untreated. You can infect your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend in sexual intercourse as well. So be aware that a yeast infection in the body is transferable by secretions. Be wary if you know you have this infection, that you stop sexual intercourse until you get it under control. You will make the other person sick. Not as sick as you might be, but that's even possible if they are existing in the same environment.

How to fight body yeast infection with Ph Levels - Good Read  - This is a wonderful page to help with this issue.


Balance Issues / Brain Trauma: (Falling, tripping, coordination issues, shakes, jitters, twitches, lack of temperature control in body, fevers, control of heart rate, high or low blood pressure.) In the later stages of Mycotoxicosis you will experience a host of odd disorders. Balance and coordination issues are a large problem for people sick with Mycotoxicosis. The Mycotoxins from inhalation and the yeast forming in your body, can invade your brain cavity, and poison certain areas of your brain. I.E. Nervous System, Cerebellum, Brain Stem, Hypothalamus and cause serious damage.

Here above a sample photo of how
hyperbartic treatment can heal wounds
and sickness fast. 
    Some cases they've found that Hyperbaric treatments can regrow some of the cells lost during the invasion of mycotoxins. Many Homeopathic centers do have this treatment available and with the Biopsy Slide you can get from Dr. Croft, they might know why you need it without even having to explain yourself. This is why he is a great assets in our fight for health. Certainly keep this in mind when you are in your early stages, for it can save you from a lot of pain and suffering. Other ailments are headaches, watery eyes, Nose bleeds, Chemical sensitivity, anemia, blindness, hearing loss, reproductive organ failure, sudden weight changes, boils or strange hard pimples,  hair loss or white hair, Seizures.  There are many symptoms of Mycotoxicosis, and you might find some of yours aren't listed.  It's important to know that the illnesses created from this disorder make it hard to diagnose.