Mold Links

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Here are a list of website that can offer great help with your situation below:

Mold, Candida, MCS Information Sites:

An Organic Place to Live - May Leen - Wonderful Site with information on MCS, Living Organic, and how mold toxins affect the body. Wonderful Woman, she can help with many issues.

Sick Building Syndrome - The Phantom Phog


Truth about Mold - Orginization fighting against mold. Highly recommended for telling your story and help.

Pa'Lante Harlem - For the good fight on NY's Tenant issues - Highly recommend these people; Very friendly, and very helpful.

Health, Removal and Natural Treatments:

Terri McCann Mold, and healthy Living Site - Good website for diet plans, and getting healthy again after sickness

Healing Naturally by Bee - wonderful for treatments and better ways to kill candida naturally. Better eating habits and foods.

Real Time Labs - For all around needs in testing for mold - includes genetic testing for sensitivity to Toxins, some weren't as happy with these folks, so make sure to do some more research on them. If more issues arise I will remove them from this site.

Mould Works LLC  - The best if you need to send your own samples out. Very low cost

Toxic Mold USA - Great site for help with Education on Mold, Good Mold Specialists for removal

Mould Check - Great site for help with Education on Mold, Good Mold Specialists for removal

Law Information on Toxic Mold:

Smart Legal Advise - On Certain case that used Gary Ordog a toxicologist. He has some issues presently, but the only well known Toxicologist in California.  I have had trouble finding more info on this man. He seems like a winner, but the government has banned him from the courts. Don't know any more. - Nation wide help - There is lists of Doctors, definitions, treatment clinics, and articles are posted on information from many different cases of Mold Sickness around the country.  Susan L. and her people runs that site. 


 Relocation and Shelter Links

People and Animals Living Synergistically  - PAALS for Life is an organization of people and animals living together on Dreampower Ranch in southeast Douglas County, Colorado, and our new facility, our ranch in Union County, New Mexico. Its purpose is to provide sanctuary, therapy, and comfort to the unwanted, such as the disabled, the abused, and the elderly - "whether they have paws, hooves, claws, or fingers".

National Coalition for the Homeless - f you are not homeless yet, it may be possible to avoid becoming homeless by finding out about prevention or emergency assistance programs in your area. Often these programs can help in paying rent, utilities, or bills. If you are homeless now, emergency assistance programs may help with temporary shelter, or security deposits and/or first month's rent.

Sometimes prevention and/or emergency assistance programs are operated by the state, county, or local division of housing assistance, or by the division of social/human services. Try looking in the government listings in your phone book for these agencies. Churches and non-profit organizations also offer emergency help. Sometimes these organizations are listed under "crisis services" in the yellow pages of the phone book.

Couch Surfing - Local hosts can be found to find places to stay if you need transient travel locations in between route, or even find places to stay with rooms for rent. Also give back by offering your place.